Pandamonium (Rainforest EP Remixes)

by SL Jones

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SL Jones speaks on Pandamonium:

"The title of this one is Pandamonium, but all the production was pulled from Clams Casino's Rainforest EP. The title of his original EP – the song titles all relating back to the rainforest theme – it kept bringing me back to one of my favorite animals: Pandas. A Panda in a state of rage and confusion – the amount of destruction it can cause – is a powerful and rare thing to see, and with the personal and legal struggles I've been dealing with these past few months – there's a lot of my own rage and confusion, maybe even destruction – and all of that is what inspired these songs. Maybe it sounds corny on paper? I dunno, but at least it inspired some interesting music.

Pandamonium marks a lot of firsts for me. Before this, I'd never done a project that kept a cohesive sound, where all the music came from one source. I really strayed away from song structure on this project, too; there aren't any traditional hooks, I didn't count bars on the verses. I just went into the studio and did what felt right at that particular time. Clams Casino's production on Rainforest is moody – it allowed me to create something unexpected, unpredictable.

As an artist, you find yourself reflecting on the past, writing a lot about those experiences. That's easy; all of that stuff already happened, you've already survived the outcome and can manipulate and express those experiences as you see fit. Recording Pandamonium was different; the songs here deal with the present, making sense of the experiences – the stress, the uncertainty – in real time, in an unfinished chapter of my life."


released September 14, 2011

All lyrics written by SL Jones.

All instrumentals used can originally be found on Clams Casino's Rainforest EP.



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